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Our intent at Manor Road is to develop children’s confidence in writing from EYFS. Writing has an important place in education and in society. It is an essential skill and the ability to write with confidence and accuracy is a tool which will support a child through life.  It is our intent that every child develops a progressive understanding of grammatical conventions, the way in which punctuation aids understanding and how to apply spelling rules. It is also our intent that all children have a joined, legible and increasingly efficient handwriting style. Children learn how to write with a cursive style from Reception onwards.


At Manor Road, our approach to writing is supported by Jane Considine’s methods which are taken from the book, ‘The Write Stuff’.

We encourage all children to write through the three zones of writing: The FANTASTICs (Ideas), The GRAMMARISTICs (Tools), and The BOOMTASTICs (Techniques) to support their learning, precision and writing.

In Reception, children are immersed in a language rich environment, with stories at the core of their learning and the Early Years Curriculum. . The FANTASTICS are used to focus the children’s ideas about what can be seen, igniting their senses and broadening their vocabulary. The children are also taught ambitious word choices through ‘Word Collecting’ activities with Grandma Fantastic!

Children in Reception become sentence stackers by the Summer term and they are beginning to write short stories themselves.

Children use a method called ‘Sentence Stacking’ throughout school which helps children to gather their thoughts in short bursts. This chunking enables high quality sentences which can be extended through ‘Deepening the Moment’.

Children then have the opportunity to plan and write independently using their previous learning to shape their creative stories or non-fiction writing. We encourage the children to see writing as a journey; re-drafting and editing are used before writing is published. Writing extends across the curriculum with children being given opportunities to write for a range of different purposes outside of the writing lesson.


A wide range of strategies are used to measure the impact of writing at Manor Road. The impact of learning is measured through formative and summative assessment. Children are assessed against writing objectives for each year group. These are kept in the back of each child’s English book and easily visible to both children and teachers. English books are scrutinised by the English Ambassadors  in order to assess strengths and weaknesses in specific teaching sequences. Teacher assessments in writing are submitted on a termly basis and children who are not achieving in line with expectations are given further intervention sessions in order to address any misconceptions and to allow children to progress with their learning.

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