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29th August 14

Welcome to Manor Road Primary School

Chairman's Challenge Presentation


On Friday 11th July, the School and Eco Councillors were very proud to be presented with the Chairman's Challenge trophy, by Councillor Kevin Ellard, Chairman of Lancashire County Council.

The four ducklings went to a large pond with an island with special fox proof fencing. When they were released they swam around dipping their heads in and out of the water.

In the morning to great surprise there were two additional adult ducks looking after our four ducklings.

A special thank you to Mr and Mrs Rayner-Porter for the use of their pond.

See below 2 videos of the ducklings in there pond.


Mrs Jacques, two reception children and Mr Bliss-Davis visited the beehive. First of all smoke was created to make the bees calmer so that the hive could be dismantled so that each tier could be checked to make sure honey was being produced and the cells were being sealed by the bees and to make sure the queen bee was still there too.

See below the video of the hive.





Monday 1st September

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Tuesday 2nd September


Wednesday 3rd September


Thursday 4th September

School opens at 8.55am

Friday 5th September


Saturday 6th September




We are raising funds for some outdoor gym equipment.

Improvements to the school grounds. Photographs taken May 2014.