Manor Road Primary School

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6th July 15

Welcome to Manor Road Primary School





Monday 6th July

Year 5 & 6 Dress Rehearsal - am

Year 5 & 6 'Blast From The Past', 6.30pm

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Tuesday 7th July

New Intake Induction Afternoon - Both Groups

Year 5 & 6 'Blast From The Past', 6.30pm

Wednesday 8th July

Tri-Golf Breakfast Club, 8.00am


Thursday 9th July

Key Stage 1 Athletics Club, 3.30pm

Friday 10th July

Year 4 Swimming Taster Session 11am - 12 noon

Blackburn Rovers Football, 3.30pm - 4.30pm

Saturday 11th July




Click on the link to access our junior library:  Junior


We are raising funds for some outdoor gym equipment.

Improvements to the school grounds. Photographs taken May 2014.