School & Rights Council

Dates for your Diary
School & Rights Council meetings take place on Wednesdays, on a monthly basis.They run from 3.30 until 4.30.
Here are the dates for this academic year:
5th October                          
2nd November                      
14th December 
11th January
8th February
8th March
19th April
17th May
14th June
12th July – end of year party
Here are our amazing School & Rights Councillors 2022-23




What is the School & Rights Council?

At Manor Road Primary School, we work closely as a team. Our School and Rights Council members meet regularly, to discuss ways in which we can improve our school and the lives of our pupils.

Like adults, children also have rights, and the job of Rights Councillors is to make sure that we all respect these rights at Manor Road. These are six of the most important rights, set out by the United Nations.

The right to:

    • be healthy
    • go to school
    • a family life
    • play, relax and have hobbies
    • enough money to be able to live happily
    • be protected from harm

We liaise with Mrs. Marshall and all the staff, as well as pupils, parents, Governors and the PTFA. It allows the pupils to have a voice in school matters and be part of positive change, as well as giving all children a forum for discussion.

One School Councillor and one Rights Councillor per class, are elected by their peers. They hold the position for a year. The Councillors present the views of their classmates at School & Rights Council meetings and also feedback information and ideas to their class.

Pupils have many opportunities to develop:

    • listening and presentation skills
    • teamwork
    • responsibility
    • commitment
    • pride in a job well done

The School & Rights Council is run by Mrs. Foulds, Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Gillbanks. Each year, we focus on a range of projects for the pupils to work on. We have always been impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment shown by each set of pupils, as they rise to the challenges and responsibilities of being a School & Rights Councillor.

Last year the School & Rights Council organised;

    • Movie Nights to raise money for new ‘Guided Reading’ books
    • Easter Day – Easter Egg Character Competition and Easter Egg Hunt
    • Platinum Jubilee tea party
    • Road Safety video and safe parking patrol



These are the projects we have been working on so far this academic year. 

October 5th 2022

The Councillors decided to come up with some rules for pupils to follow, when using the new Chill Out Zone. They plan to tell the rest of the school about these rules in an assembly and will emphasise the importance of respecting the equipment that was bought using PTFA funds. They are hoping to purchase a weather proof poster to remind pupils of these rules. 

The Councillors demonstrated great teamwork when deciding on the rules. Our KS1 Councillors were also photographed in the Chill Out Zone, so that the KS2 Councillors could explain the rules to the rest of the school.

Photos of the School and Rights Councillors in action, are pictured below.


8th February 2023

We had our opening of the Chill Out Zone today and the children blew us away with their professional presentation to the Parish Council members and the PTFA. 

The children prepared a PowerPoint and a beautiful tea party. 

Chill Out Zone powerpoint

See the photos below:  

On Friday 5th May, the School and Rights Councillors marked the Coronation of King Charles III with a day of celebrations. All the pupils and staff wore outfits of red, white and blue, for the occasion.
The event started with an enactment of the Coronation, narrated, and acted out by the Councillors, in full regalia. They were delighted that Councillor Sheila Edwards Williams and Clerk to the Council, Tracy Morris were able to attend, as well as several parent governors.
This was followed by a delicious lunch, served in coronation lunch boxes provided by LCC. The Councillors hosted Manor Road’s very own Coronation Concert, playing hits from the 60s to the present day.
Finally, as part of the ‘Big Help Out’ initiative, all of the pupils came together to Spring Clean the school grounds.
Pupils were also invited to enter a Coronation Art Competition. The project had to be linked to the Coronation of King Charles, but the pupils were free to explore different art forms, such as drawing, painting, collage, printing, digital art or sculpture. Mrs. Atkinson and Mrs. Mason judged the competition and were very impressed with the fantastic range of artwork produced, using a variety of media.