School & Rights Council

Dates of meetings (Wednesdays 3.30 – 4.30)
Autumn                      Spring                     Summer
4th Oct                       17th Jan                  17th April             
1st Nov                       21st Feb                  15th May          
20th Dec                    20th March             12th June
                                                                   10th July
What is the School & Rights Council?

At Manor Road Primary School, we work closely as a team. Our School and Rights Council members meet regularly, to discuss ways in which we can improve our school and the lives of our pupils.

Like adults, children also have rights, and the job of Rights Councillors is to make sure that we all respect these rights at Manor Road. These are six of the most important rights, set out by the United Nations.

The right to:

    • be healthy
    • go to school
    • a family life
    • play, relax and have hobbies
    • enough money to be able to live happily
    • be protected from harm

We liaise with Mrs. Marshall and all the staff, as well as pupils, parents, Governors and the PTFA. It allows the pupils to have a voice in school matters and be part of positive change, as well as giving all children a forum for discussion.

One School Councillor and one Rights Councillor per class, are elected by their peers. They hold the position for a year. The Councillors present the views of their classmates at School & Rights Council meetings and also feedback information and ideas to their class.

Pupils have many opportunities to develop:

    • listening and presentation skills
    • teamwork
    • responsibility
    • commitment
    • pride in a job well done

The School & Rights Council is run by Mrs. Foulds, Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Gillbanks. Each year, we focus on a range of projects for the pupils to work on. We have always been impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment shown by each set of pupils, as they rise to the challenges and responsibilities of being a School & Rights Councillor.

Our Project for 2023 to 2024

We will be focussing on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing Campaign. The 5 areas are:

  • Take Time Out
  • Keep Connected
  • Try Something New
  • Be Active 
  • Give

Our first task was linked to Give and our Harvest Appeal. The Councillors decided to raise money for Derian House by carrying out household chores for their parents and carers, in return for a donation.

The pupils made two videos linked to the appeal.

One containing information about Derian House for our Harvest Assembly.

 One to promote the appeal.