School Council

What is the School Council?

At Manor Road Primary School, we work closely as a team. Our School Council members meet regularly, to discuss ways in which we can improve our school. We liaise with Mrs. Marshall and all the staff, as well as pupils, parents, Governors and the PTFA. It allows the pupils to have a voice in school matters and be part of positive change, as well as giving all children a forum for discussion. Two School Councillors per class, are elected by their peers, who then hold the position for a year. They present the views of their classmates at School Council meetings and also feedback information and ideas to their class.

Pupils gain much from being a School Councillor including, developing:

· Listening and presentation skills

· Teamwork

· Responsibility

· Commitment

· Pride in a job well done

We are immensely proud at Manor Road, to have a flourishing School Council, led by Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Gillbanks. Each year, we focus on a couple of projects for the pupils to work on. We have always been impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment shown by each set of pupils, as they rise to the challenges and responsibilities of being a School Councillor. Here are some of the projects we have worked on in the past.

· Raising money for lunchtime, keep fit equipment

· Improving our school grounds and Outdoor Learning areas

· Launching the 5 Ways to Well Being Campaign

· Road Safety Week

· Remembrance Tea Dance and Centenary Remembrance Concert

· Organising social events for members of our local community, including the Thursday Club and WI.

· Easter Day

· Organising Bags2School Collections to raise money for a variety of events and competitions

This year we have been involved with two exciting projects. In the Autumn Term, we organised Lunar Days, to commemorate 50 years since man first walked on the moon. This was a fun packed, cross curricular event, with presentations and activities, led by a visiting spaceman in a replica Apollo 11 suit.

Our latest mission is to help the PTFA transform the Compass Garden into a Chill Out Zone, for KS2. In January, the School Council launched a design competition, in order to gather ideas from their peers. We were extremely impressed with the range of ideas that the pupils came up with and these have been shared with the PTFA. We look forward to seeing the Chill Out Zone developing, over the next few months.