PE and Sports Premium

Sports Premium Update

School will now be awarded £16,000 with an extra £10 per pupil based on the most recent census.

We should receive around £18,060 for this academic year.

A large proportion of the money has come from the Department of Health which means as a school the health of our children and staff will be a key focus this year.

Chorley Sport Partnership Provision and Aims

Chorley SSP Contribution

Chorley Schools Sports Partnership (CSSP) help us to:

Improve the educational experience for all young people through PE, school sport health and culture. Our aim is to inspire the next generation to develop lifelong participation in physical activity and an understanding of the importance of physical and mental well-being.


– To raise standards in teaching and learning through delivering high quality PE, school sport, health related activities and cultural & performing arts.

– To inspire learning and achievement.

– To provide more young people with the opportunity to compete, achieve their personal best and fulfil their potential.

– To increase regular participation in school and community sport.

– To reduce sedentary behaviour.

– To support young people to take ownership and develop life skills through leadership opportunities.

CSSP will deliver the following in and for our school during this academic year

– Sporting competitions in school and across the district including leagues and one off competitions and inclusion development opportunities / festivals.

– Train pupils in Y6 to become playground leaders.

– Provide Bikeability on road trainings levels 1 & 2 for Y4 and Y5.

– Deliver a Gifted and Talent assessment of Y5 and Y6 pupils. 

– Provide PE teachers and specialist sport coaches to work alongside class room teacher to enhance their knowledge of the PE curriculum and assessment.

– Deliver extra curriculum clubs.

– Deliver cultural activities.

Primary PE and Sport Premium Updates

The Government have released a new strategy for an ‘Active Nation’.

This is the section regarding the PE Premium, as they have already ring fenced the funding until 2020, but it states very clearly below;

Under the new inspection framework, Ofsted inspectors will assess how effectively leaders use the Primary PE and Sport Premium and measure its impact on outcomes for pupils, and how effectively governors hold them to account for this. DfE is already doing more to encourage governors to play an active role in deciding how the Premium is spent and has added guidance on this in the new Governors Handbook.

Schools are required to publish information about their Premium spending on their websites. Reporting requirements have been enhanced so that we can evaluate the impact the investment is having, how it will be sustainable in the long term and where further support may be needed.

Government will continue investment in the Primary PE and Sport Premium and continue to advise schools on sustainable and effective ways to use it.

Another key outcome will be all children leaving primary able to swim and ride through bikeability.

We are well on our way to achieving the key outcome in relation to riding a bike and swimming. The Year 1 children have just completed a full term of swimming and are making superb progress, developing excellent water confidence and swimming ability. Also due to a very kind donation from PAR Group we have purchased more Balance Bikes as well as some larger pedal bikes for the children to move their skills on. We have had a very successful Autumn term in terms of PE and High Quality Sport with some imporved performances and overall results.
The Government funding is essential to the continued develpment and enrichment of PE and Sport at Manor Road.