Maths – Useful Websites

Please see below for useful websites.

If you would like specific help relating to a maths topic, please contact your child’s class teacher and they will be happy to help.

Videos on just about every area of life, not just Maths. Very useful instructional videos to help understand new concepts in Maths.

This is a GCSE-based website, however this Problem Solving document could easily be helpful in Year 5 and Year 6. Some fantastic examples for your children to get their teeth into.

Lots of examples of questions for almost every objective of the curriculum for every year group.

Great opportunity for problem solving puzzles!

Lots of warm-up activities, puzzles, games and more. Be sure to access the Maths Map so that you access interactive activities that are relevant to what your child is learning.

These are the most popular free games.

A free-to-use website with a whole year of quick-fire mental arithmetic and topic-based questions to be solved.

A great set of free problem solving activities- bright, colourful, user-friendly. /

These problem solving tasks have been graded according to difficulty.

So much here, it’s almost impossible to sum it all up. Quite simply, a whole Assessment System based on Life Without Levels. Each ‘Stage’ roughly correlates to a year group. So Stage 6 is expected for Year 6. Open up a Scheme of Work, then feast your eyes on a plethora of links to Objective-linked worksheets.

Games! Games! Games! 

 In connection with Math Playground:

Download the Apps through the Apple Store or load the activities through Math Playground. Here children will be challenged to label and solve challenging questions from a range of Maths topics. There are also an array of videos to support the understanding of these areas.

Bits and bobs all in one place! Some great creative ideas for when text books, worksheets and online quizzes and games just won’t do. Lots of imaginative ways to bring Maths into your classroom.

Online games: